Things I never take off

Things I never take off, of which clothes are not included. Instead we're chatting about jewellery, my mates will know that if I'm wearing jewellery, odds are I probably sleep in it. Which I do and if I do have to take my rings off I feel totally naked without them! I cannot actually remember a time when I didn't wear rings so I thought I'd run down everything I currently wear and never take off.

My favourite ring is one from The Great Frog, you'll all probably know the brand as it's iconic to Soho, London. I bought myself the Star Eyes Skull Ring last summer and I do and forever will adore it. All their jewellery is handmade in their Newburgh Street store and is just dead cool. I'm already eyeing up more rings from them.

The two rings on my index fingers are from The Sunday Studio, all handmade and run by Olivia out of her studio in Cleethorpes. Olivia got in contact with me around a year ago, maybe more! She gifted me the Sodalite Ring and the Starman Ring, and again I haven't taken them off since getting them. The Sodalite ring is a navy blue stone that bring calmness and encourages rational thoughts I also wear it on my dominant hand which I think is significant. The Starman ring is also great, Olivia's designs means that even with all the scratches and dents my rings have endured they still look great as nothing has a smooth/ flat surface.

My Thumb ring is from Argento Vivo, I was gifted this ring along with a few others a couple years ago, originally this ring was on my index but by some miracle I realised my thumbs are the same size as my first two fingers (weird but lucky) so I moved it over to my thumb when I got the Sodalite ring. This thumb ring is so so battered and truthfully I actually can't write very well with it on but as soon as I take it off I feel awfully odd, so it's staying there forever more. I searched the Argent Vivo website and can't find the same one but this guy I believe is the same but with engraving.

On my right hand ring finger I have a gold Monarc Jewellery ring. Ella, the founder of Monarc reached out to me well over a year ago and invited me to come and look at her jewellery and learn more about her brand, especially their sustainability aspect. Monarc jewellery is so so beautiful, as is Ella and she has amazingly gifted me so much over the last year or so! I was so lucky to work with Ella and Sarah last summer to create some really pretty content see here, here and here.

My baby finger is adorned by a very very tiny ring by Aliza Fire. This one is the newest to my collection, Amy hand makes her jewellery in London and I was so happy she could make a size E1/2 ring for me (so small, I have such skinny fingers!). The Lapiz stone is a very similar colour to my Sodalite ring and I love how it looks on my baby finger. This was such a lovely gift from Amy!

Lastly on my right wrist is a bracelet from the Missoma X Lucy Williams collaboration. I'd never thought of myself as a bracelet person but since being gifted this one last summer it hasn't come off. Missoma's jewellery has such a good weight to it and has worn really well although wearing it in the sea and swimming pools and the shower everyday has worn out the gold a little but for the price I think it's incredible! The other pieces I have from Missoma are also amazing, I have the matching necklace which up until recently I wore everyday too (gifted from Missoma).

I constantly have my eye on more rings but I'm slowly but surely running out of fingers to put them all on. So currently, these are the pieces I have glued to me! Oh and my nose ring doesn't even come out so I guess that adds to the list of things I never take off!

Thank you, as always to Beatrice for the photos!