SS20 inspiration

I first got Pinterest in 2014 I have create a mood board for each season (SS or AW) every year since. It's been a brilliant way for me to store inspiration for outfits when I'm stuck on what to wear or when I'm having difficulty remembering what the hell I used to wear in hot weather come April. My full SS20 is here, and below are some of my favourite images to sum up my inspiration for SS20.

I love both these outfits, both outfits I wear on repeat already but you can't go wrong with what works.

So upset my white jeans are in my house in London that I'm currently not living in (at home at the parents) so dreaming of the day I can get them back out and wear with a white t-shirt.

Silk mini dresses and oversized blazers, I'll never get bored of it. Paired with Converse, Dr Martens or scrappy sandals. So good!

Pale green trousers, I've been on the hunt forever and cannot find a pair, help!

Very French and laid back, must remember to wear my hair in a bun more.

Green again, I think I'm drawn to this colour as of late. Also so into big jumpers and little shorts/ skirts in the summer.

Sabina and a Realisation Par dress, iconic.

White on white again, definitely need my white jeans asap.

I think this outfit is also so cool and easy, I already have pieces similar to these but for some reason midi dresses just don't look cool on me. I love this outfit with a jumper thrown over but I know I'll just look like a mum and cannot figure out how to make it work!

Exhibit B, so cool. Maybe I'll have to try and figure out a style similar to this that works for me

Paloma Wool is just so good, these trousers look amazing and I'm loving the one tone outfit.

I have these Reformation leopard pants already so definitely want to recreate this look.