Recent changes

I've had lots of conversations with my friends recently about balancing full-time work, blogging, instagram, keeping inspired, spending time on personal projects, spending time with friends and how on earth to find the right balance in all of this!

I deleted my old blog as I wasn't and haven't been inspired at all to post anything, nor did I think anyone cared. After some very motivational chats with my mates, I've started a blog again with no real rules of what it'll be and no pressure to throw content out there for the sake of it.

Creating images, film photography and pulling together ideas to shoot with my friends is what I LOVE to do! I also want to start personal photography and documentary style project for myself, which I'll also share.

The other day Beatrice and Rachael headed over to mine and we grabbed lunch at Jim's Cafe on Chatsworth Road then shot some images around Homerton and at my house. Bea's photography is the best and honestly she needs to win an award for the amazing images she creates! I'm also forever in her debt for her always taking my photos (thank you Bea!)

Outfit wise, I'm wearing some very big &Other Stories* boots (gift), a dungarees kind of dress from ASOS* (now in the sale), a FIDLAR t-shirt (best band ever) and my second skin vintage leather jacket. I love this outfit and this is the kind of thing I wear and wear and wear again!