Pumpkin pants

With everything going on in the world, talking about something totally unrelated to current affairs can be a nice escapism, hence reading blogs!

We all know I love being in my pants and I love them even more when they're pumpkin coloured and from Hara the Label. An Australian that focuses on ethical practises, sustainability, loving the female body and Mother Nature! The stories they share, support and talk about on their Instagram and newsletters are something I completely love.

I have three sets from Hara now (gifted), all their underwear is hand dyed using natural dyes in their warehouse in Melbourne, Australia. This means each piece is a slightly different shade, which I love! Natural dyes are so so much better for the environment than chemical dyes, for obvious reasons and the plants they currently use to dye are turmeric, indigo and madder roots.

Another thing I love about Hara is the fabric. Using bamboo, which grows super fast and doesn't use pesticides is also great for Mother Nature. Having Mother Nature at the heart of Hara's ethos is so important and something I personally really value.

My dream would to have my own lingerie brand and I aspire for it to be something like Hara! The community they have created is so lovely and all-inclusive, it's amazing.

Luckily the sunlight in my bedroom is incredibly beautiful in the morning so Beatrice and I made the most of it a few days ago and shot so many photos (lots of blog posts to come!). Bea's editing to make these photos look like film is dead cool!

Hara gifted me two more sets that I'll also be blogging about in the upcoming week(s)! Any feedback on my posts so far on here would be lovely to hear, let me know what you like and what you'd like to see more of. I'm using this space to share things I love so would love to know what you love too! Send me a message on instagram!

Gifted from Hara the Label

Shot by Beatrice