Inspired by - Part III

I'm trying very hard not to spend too much time on my phone whilst being in self isolation and making sure that when I am on my phone I'm consuming positive, inspirational and motivational content. Below are some images that I have saved this week!

Inspired by For Love and Lemons, I remember this brand being so girly back in the day with way too many florals and bows. A photo popped up on my explore feed and I loved it, it was this image, which is much more rock n roll than I remember.

Inspired by blonde hair, always. I recently followed Josephine and wow do I love her hair! I'm currently taking hair supplements so lets hope after quarantine my hair is this long and I can get it dyed white blonde this summer!

Inspired by insightful and powerful words that have been circulating the internet recently.

Inspired by these pants, I want them, I need them!

Inspired by Emma Hoareau, definitely the best person I follow on Instagram. Her photography, knowledge on beauty and an all round cool girl, so worth a follow.

Inspired by lilac linen bedding, I would really love this to be my bed.