Inspired by - Part I

Part one of a series I want to share containing images I have been inspired by recently. I spend more time on Pinterest than I do on Instagram currently as I find Pinterest less pressure, more inspiring and realistic. Link to my Pinterest here

Inspired to go to the beach more, even when it's cold.

Inspired by cherries, inspired so much that I have them tattooed on my arm. They remind me of my mum and they remind my mum of her dad.

Inspired to party, not just wild nights but saying yes to shindigs with friends and creating memories.

Inspired by graphics and colour and buying pens and doodling again.

Inspired by enhancing what you have and making it a little more colourful. Inspired by Freck and Glossier's new lid colours (10% off Glossier through this link)

Inspired by artists who make funny art, this one makes me laugh every time I read it.

Inspired by reinventing outfits you already wear and pulling out those old jeans and styling them up differently.

Inspired by colour and clashing colours.

Inspired by jewellery and a lot of it.