I had been eyeing up these trousers on Free People for a long while so when FP messaged me last week asking if I'd like any pieces to shoot at home I honestly couldn't put these on the list quick enough! You can't see from these photos but they're long enough in the leg for me which I'm super happy about as I'm almost 6ft tall. Free People if you're listening/ reading this, please bring these trousers out in more colours and patterns, I promise you I will buy them all because they fit like a dream.

My top is also FP from a previous gifting, linked here. Although I've had a few people ask if I'm wearing it backwards... Saying this I did try it on the other way and it looks cool too.

Once going out and wearing shoes other than slipper is happening again I'll bring out my converse or Dr Martens Church boots with this outfit (do I wear anything else anyway? nope!).

You might have also spotted I'm learning to play piano and bought myself a keyboard to practise. If any of you play, please send tips and songs to learn my way!


Paige Leanne, 25, London.

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