Content in quarantine

Shooting content is something that at the start of this whole thing was creative and fun and a nice task to crack on with. But my god has it got boring. Luckily I have a backlog of loads and loads of photos from previous shoots to post but these feel somewhat irrelevant now as there's only so many lingerie photos I can post whilst we're going through a global pandemic.

I'm really missing everyday outfit photos taken in the street, but this is something I just can't do whilst living at home and also living in loungewear, haha!

Today I took a few mirror selfies, below are some results. Wearing a House of Sunny top from last year (gifted) and some very boring knickers as I only packed 8 pairs with me when came home as I didn't realise I'd be hear for almost two months...


Paige Leanne, 25, London.

personal style, lingerie and film photography.