Body care

I really love skincare for my face and I have a ridiculous amount of products that I swear by and cannot live without. But I've only just started venturing into skincare for my body and I have to admit until about a year ago I never bothered moisturising, now I do my whole body everyday. And so, I wanted to do a small round up of products I'm currently loving alongside some products I'm dying to buy!

I thought chatting about body care and skin would go nicely alongside photos of me in my pants with my skin on show, which evidently is me at least 90% of the time. Again, here in some gifted Hara the Label undies that are a god send (or a goddess send as I'm sure Hara would put it)! Shot by my amazing friend Beatrice.

First up are products I love:

Malin + Goetz B5 body moisturiser. Super absorbing and doesn't stay sat on the skin which means you can put on clothes straight away.

Oskia Renaissance Body Scrub. I first tried this when Oskia did their collaboration with Emma Hoareau and I have been obsessed ever since. It's so great to use on your bikini line to help with those damned ingrowing hairs.

Aesop Geranium Body Cleanser. I find using higher priced products makes you appreciate them much more, when I was using cheaper shower gels I'd go through them so fast because I didn't care as they only cost £3, whereas investing in a product you love means you us it more sparingly and make the most of it. This body cleanser is one of those products for me, it smells delicious and makes me want to shower at least 6 times a day.

Malin + Goetz Meadowfoam Oil Balm. This one I was so unsure on at first, it's as thick as coconut oil that is really hard to squeeze oil but as soon as you heat it up in the palms of your hands it's a dream. I use it all over my body after I get out of the shower.

Isle of Paradise Tan Drops. I know lots of people love these, but they're just so easy. I don't use them that often but when I do they're fab give a really subtle glow without being at all orange.

Dry Brush. The brand for this doesn't matter too much at all, I got my one off Amazon. Use once a week on my legs and bum to get rid of dead skin cells and help distribute cellulite. I love it and it's really satisfying and therapeutic to use.

Wish list products:

Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment. I love the smell of the body cleanser so would really want to double up on the body treatment.

Ouai Chill Pills. I'm having lots more baths now to try and relax more and I've heard such good things about these chill pills from beauty bloggers I follow.

Nuxe Oil. My mum and sister have this oil and swear by it, I really want to try it too as it's a dry oil so doesn't leave that slip 'n' slide feeling on your skin!

Fur Silk Scrub. Fur is a brand I'm dying to try, they focus on products for your skin where body hair grows which I think is amazing as I don't feel there are enough products for this.

Fur Ingrown Concentrate. Which leads well onto me also wanting to try their oil too!

Goop Phys Ed Recovery Bath Soak. There's a Goop store by my work and I've never been in! I keep seeing lots about their bath soaks, I'm sure Estee Lalonde uses them. I really want to try any of their soaks, just an excuse to have a nice long bath really!

I hope that little round up was helpful as it wasn't until recently when I came back to my family home for a few days (and have now realised I'll be here for at least 3 weeks) that I became aware of how important I find my skincare routine is for not only my skin but my mental health. Doing my little rituals in the morning and evening really does make me a little bit happier and I hope it does for you all too!

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