10pm Saturday night

I write this as I'm sat two beers down alone at my garden bench, 10pm on a Saturday night. Not wild at all, and having a somewhat empty belly even though I've eaten a pizza, chips and dip and a snickers.

A lot of things have been different lately, good different and bad different. Life is getting back into a routine, back at work (although feels totally new and strange), back to my house in London (my happy place), but then also having to find a new place to live due to our landlord selling our house (big stress!). Wanting a new job or wanting a job that allows me to be more creative and begin to go down the path I want to go down. Whilst all this is happening friends are leaving London and I'm making new friends in London, getting takeout beers and sitting in London Fields. Sometimes it feels like old times but a lot of things aren't the same.

It also feels weird chatting about clothes when so much is going on, much more important stuff than a nice dress. And as much as I love clothes I much more appreciate really good photos. My friend Beatrice took these on our last shoot together in before she moved back to Spain. I honestly do not know a better photographer than her and cannot wait to see Bea grow and develop. I never usually write many personal things on this blog of mine so I'll leave it here and let you appreciate Bea's photography. (Ps. because I know someone will ask, the dress is vintage (what a cliche!))